Strategic direction

In 2012, we adopted our ‘Smart City’ vision. This vision is supported by four pillars that are the Council’s long-term aspirations for the city.

Progress towards these aspirations is monitored by following the trends in 95 high-level outcome indicators both for our activity areas and in aggregate. By the end of the year, the majority 29 percent (28 out of 95) of our outcome indicators were trending in the desired direction. A further 41 percent (39 out of 95) maintained their direction from the previous year. This suggests that overall the city is making progress towards its aspirations – but not on all fronts.

The 18 indicators that are not trending in the desired direction – notably some indicators in arts and culture, economic development, social and recreation and transport – are subject to on-going monitoring. In addition, our 10-year plan signals investment that is likely to enable improved outcome trends over time, for example our continued investment in arts and culture.

In 2017/18, 11 indicators were not tracked due to legislative changes, census data availability or measurement changes. Section 3 of this report provides information on outcome indicator trends over the past 3 years.

Triennium work programme

In 2016, following the local authority elections, the Mayor and Councillors developed their 3-year work programme (or Triennium Plan) which included goals supporting the aspirations for the city and focus areas with project proposals for implementation through successive annual plans, through the relevant key activity areas. Details on the Triennium PlanTriennium Plan can be found on the Council’s web site at